NMGU-14-04-17 Obit Rita Meades

Mrs Rita Meades Creswell

A service has been held at St Mary Magdalene Church, Creswell on March 24th 2017, for Mrs Rita Ann Meades of Portland Avenue, Creswell.Rita was a lifelong resident of Creswell, working as part time shop assistant at various shops for most of her life . She loved family holidays, her favorite hobby was knitting, until health prevented it,loved to read romance novels.Rita who died at Autumn Grange Care Home, Creswell , aged 74 was wife to the late Trevor Meades. She leaves her son Michael, daughter-in-law Annie and grandson Callum.Mourners were, Mr and Mrs M. Meades, C.Meades, Mrs C .Meades, Mr and Mrs D.Meades, Mr and Mrs P.Foulkes, Mr and Mrs R.Clarkson, D. and L.and S.Dexter, L. Marsden, R. Marsden, S.Lloyd, J. Barnet, P.and N.Miles, Mrs D.Briggs,S.Briggs, W. Foulkes, H.Stephens, S. Foulkes; L.Poulter (rep Family); Mr D.Briggs (rep Mrs C.Briggs), Mr and Mrs N. Snape, J. Snape, Mr and Mrs K.Ward, Mr C.Briggs, Mrs J.Briggs, Mr and Mrs K.Burton, K. and D. Buton, Mr and Mrs J.Holloway; Mr and Mrs B.Pert (rep Family), Mr and Mrs R.Bettison, S.and P.and K.Meades, Mr and Mrs D.Meades; D.Carter (rep D.Fantom), Mr P.Boot, Mrs L.Boot, G.Boot, Mr and Mrs M. Clegg, O. Clegg, N.Clegg, K.Gent, Mr and Mrs F.Archer, Michell and Sarah; Mrs C.McAughey (rep Family); Mrs B.Vallance (rep E.C.Searston), M.Galpin, J.Nellist; Mrs C.Draynor (rep Oaps), Mr and Mrs K.Bradley, Mrs Z.Pegg, Mrs M.Fletcher; J. and P.Barr (rep Family), S,Freeman, R.Pearson; A.Greengrass (rep Colleen), T. and L.Marsden, P.and N.Dunstan (nee Chapman), Mrs M.Copcutt and Barry, Mr and Mrs C.Copcutt, Mr and Mrs J.Lack, B.Johnson, C.Ellis, Mrs M.Frost; S. Proffitt (rep Donna and Darren), Mrs P. Raines, Mr and Mrs J.R.Kirk, Mr and Mrs Haynes, Mrs A.Dick, Mrs K.Wood, Mrs G.Kerry, Mrs P.Smith, Miss D.Smith, P.Cook, T. and G. Vardy, D. Heavey, E.Soar, Y. Mosby ; C. Humphries (rep K. Humphries), I.Richardson; T. Childs (rep Family), Mrs D.X.S.Smith, M.Wink, J. Langford, J.ward, K.Ferguson, R.Bloomer, Mrs Stothard; Mrs K.Samson (rep D.Samson); Mr and Mrs J.H.Davies (rep Mrs M. Siddall), A. Whysall, E. Glassey, N.Lane, N.Sanders, Mr R.Price; Mrs E.Rice (rep Family), Mrs J.Fletcher, J.Bacon; W.Shelton (rep Robert), R. Nussey, G and B.Adams, W. Gravell, D. Smedley, S. Hidgson, B. Radford, Mr and Mrs K.Thompson, P.Cook.Mr and Mrs R.Bettison, Mr and Mrs D.Trenam, Mrs J.Clay-Davenport, Mr and Mrs R.A.Collier and Family. Mrs J Pegg, Mr C.Whitehead, R.Bloomer and Family, P.Clifford, B.Cheetham, Mr and Mrs K.Deakin, Mr and Mrs J.Deakin, Mr D.Gethin, Miss C.White, Mr S.Ward, Mrs A.Etches, Mrs M.Kelwick; Mrs R.Turner (rep Ken and Family), Mrs F.Smalley, Sarah, Rob, Layron,George Galpin, B and K.Freeman, J. and A. Bowler; K.Haydon (rep Creswell Co-op and G.Marsden), K.Haydon, Mr and Mrs P.Colbert, R.Colbert, Mark and Emma, Steve and Donna, Pete and Claire: G.and J.Fletcher (rep T.Fletcher); T.Bonser (rep A.and J.Bonser), R.Ullah, B.Burton, C.Ward, L .Ward, C.Hull, S.Whitfield; B. Gething (rep Mary), Mr and Mrs R,Garrett, Rev L.Kirby, R.Cook. K.Fisher;D.London (rep T.London), C.and S.Trenam; L.Trenam (rep Helen and Sophie), W.Hare; F.Parkes (rep Robert), P. and A. Hargreve, Mr and Mrs S.A.Wass.The service was conducted by Rev. David Hull. Arrangements were by J.Clays, Family Funeral Service, Creswell.

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