Boris Johnson's record in Government is lamentable: Yorkshire Post Letters

From Richard Bedford, Scarborough.

What do you make of Boris Johnson's record as a politician?
What do you make of Boris Johnson's record as a politician?

In an electioneering letter in support of Boris Johnson in my local paper, MP Kevin Hollinrake says: “I voted for him as I know many of you did.”

He must have been addressing Tory party members, as it was only they, less than one per cent of the British electorate, who chose him.

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Letters: Stop indulging Boris JohnsonJust like Theresa May after Cameron jumped ship, Johnson was not elected by the people, many of whom may have forgotten how he sat on the fence in the run-up to the 2016 referendum and only joined the Leave side when he thought it would further his career.

Letters: Boris Johnson reminds me of ChurchillHis record is lamentable; he propagated the lies of the Leave campaign and has a long list of blunders to his credit including, as short-lived Foreign Secretary, ensuring a longer prison sentence in Iran for Nazanin Zaghari Ratcliffe. Are these Mr Hollinrake’s criteria for a good Prime Minister?

Mr Hollinrake, an enthusiastic Brexiteer, refers also to “all the good that has been achieved since the days of Margaret Thatcher”. Is he mad?

Thanks to years of gross governmental mismanagement, in terms of quality of life we lag well behind our better regulated European neighbours.

Here, privatised utility firms fleece their customers and amass huge profits for the privileged few; our privatised rail system is chaotic and overpriced; young people struggle to find affordable homes and are milked dry by grasping landlords whilst a burgeoning “under-class” of people with neither hope nor aspiration continues to grow in our towns and cities, with all the social problems which stem from years of political neglect.

Our NHS lurches from crisis to crisis and things are likely to get much worse when, as a part of any post-Brexit trade agreement with the US, American pharmaceutical giants will become

NHS suppliers at a huge increase in cost to us. Trump knows exactly what he is doing in warmly endorsing Johnson and a Brexiteer UK government will find itself very quickly in thrall to Trump’s dystopic regime.

People should be very careful what they wish for.

From: Michael Dennis, Ripon.

Did the Prime Minister pass his GCSE Mathematics whilst studying at Eton?

He seems very excited about his pre-election announcement of an additional £1.8bn for the NHS, but his red bus in 2016 proclaimed that there would be an additional £350m per week available for the NHS if we voted to leave the EU.

This equates to £18.2bn per year. Presumably he will tell us about the remaining £16.4bn in due course. Let’s keep things in perspective.