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Should all Brexit supporters vote tactically for Boris Johnson and the Conservatives on December 12?
Should all Brexit supporters vote tactically for Boris Johnson and the Conservatives on December 12?
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From: Tim Hunter, Farfield Avenue, Knaresborough.

IT’S difficult to see what positive contribution the Brexit Party can make in the forthcoming election. All they are likely to do is destroy Brexit completely by denying the Conservatives a working majority, which, if it can be obtained, will enable a Withdrawal Deal to be implemented.

Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage on the campaign trail this week.

Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage on the campaign trail this week.

Now Tories must step aside for Nigel Farage and Brexit Party in Labour seats – Patrick Mercer

Okay there’s still a Free Trade Agreement (FTA) to be negotiated, but at least it’s a 
start. Brexit cannot be achieved in any shape or form by voting 
for the Brexit Party and they should not field any 

Life sharing a Commons office with Boris Johnson and what I learned about his private life – former MP Patrick Mercer

Additionally, anyone who believes that Brexit can be achieved by voting Labour is completely deluded. If you want Brexit you should vote Conservative.

Do you back Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn's Brexit strategy?

Do you back Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn's Brexit strategy?

With Labour, you will end up with a much more watered down version of Brexit (i.e. the UK remaining in the single market and the customs union) which would deny the UK any of the advantages we want from 
Brexit, i.e. to strike our own 
trade deals and to control immigration.

Labour voters face huge dilemma over Corbyn in General Election - Jayne Dowle

In such a situation, Brexit would be pointless. Labour plans to put that pointless deal to a referendum, and, as far as any one can see, probably campaign against their own deal. We will never leave the EU if Labour wins the election.

I suggest all Brexiteers vote Conservative and we’ll all have 
a great Christmas. For one 
thing we’ll get rid of the Brexit Party.

All their MEPs (who gain considerable media attention) will lose their seats once we pass the Withdrawal Bill.

From: John Mister, London.

JAYNE Dowle’s article detailing the dilemma faced by Labour voters at the prospect of delivering a Jeremy Corbyn premiership is lamentably one-sided (The Yorkshire Post, November 11).

Yes it is true that a number of former Labour members, and a few current ones, have issued stark warnings about Corbyn’s fitness for government, and the Jewish Chronicle has called on Jews to boycott the party. But equally damning arguments have been made about the fitness of Boris Johnson to be Prime Minister (not only by most of his former and some of his present colleagues, but also by members of his own family) and the 
Islamic community is up in 
arms about the failure of the party to act on the anti-Muslim poison at work in the Conservative party.

As a former Remainer, I fear that to simply revoke the 
Brexit vote, as proposed by 
the austerity enthusiast Jo Swinson, would be to invite catastrophic responses from 
the fabled 17 million Leavers. So the Labour proposal to present a renegotiated agreement for ratification by the electorate in a second referendum, strikes me as the most sensible and honest way to resolve the election defining issue of Brexit.

Labour voters, tempted to get Brexit over with by giving Johnson a majority to force his unloved deal through, will – if their support brings home a hard Brexit government led by this serial liar and squanderer of public finances – surely live to regret it.

From: Alan Chapman, Beck Lane, Bingley.

REMAIN supporters everywhere are very excited about special deals linked to local tactical voting, they believe they have an exclusive secret weapon.

Well not so, now that the Brexit Party leader has come 
to his senses and at present 
will avoid contesting approximately half the UK constituencies.

Leave supporters have the opportunity to vote tactically where the Brexit Party stands in their constituency.

In close marginal constituencies, Conservative voters need to vote Conservative, in the hope that Labour Leave supporters do not vote Labour at this election.

However where Labour hold a strong traditional lead above 10 per cent, Conservative Leave supporters should vote tactically for the Brexit Party in a serious attempt to remove a permanent Labour MP.