Levelling up must begin in the North – The Yorkshire Post says

LEVELLING up the economy has long been proclaimed as being at the heart of Boris Johnson’s ambitions for his premiership, yet so far there has been too little evidence of how it is going to being achieved, especially for our region.

Boris Johnson is being urged to specify his levelling up policy.

The pandemic has, of course, severely disrupted the business of Government, but even before it struck there was a lack of detail about exactly how Mr Johnson planned to eliminate the inequalities in north-south funding that have proved so harmful to Yorkshire.

Recovery from the economic damage wrought by Covid makes it even more imperative that practical steps for allowing the North to achieve its economic potential are set out in detail and then acted on, supported by a proper level of investment.

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Today’s proposals by the CBI provide a framework for doing just that, and the Government should take them seriously, not least because the organisation is right to stress that business must be at the heart of any levelling-up agenda.

What does 'levelling up' mean for cities like Leeds?

Its contention that industrial clusters, which play to the strengths of individual regions, have massive potential to create jobs.

It is in perfect accord with the fact that greater powers for Yorkshire would enable progress to be made.

The CBI is right that a one-size-fits-all programme for developing the regions is not the way forward.

This is a point that Yorkshire needs to press home with the Government. We know best how to help industry prosper and help people into work, and should be given the powers to do so.