Get Brexit done and enjoy these five benefits after the election – Yorkshire Post Letters

Boris Johnson's'Get Brexit Done' mantra is resonating with voters.Boris Johnson's'Get Brexit Done' mantra is resonating with voters.
Boris Johnson's'Get Brexit Done' mantra is resonating with voters.
From: Michael Armitage, Dunkeswick.

NICK Hudson (The Yorkshire Post, December 7) writes that he would be grateful if someone could list five good reasons to leave the EU that will have tangible benefits for the average person.

There are many more but here are five:

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Boris Johnson on the campaign trail in Grimsby as he hammered home his 'get Brexit done' message.Boris Johnson on the campaign trail in Grimsby as he hammered home his 'get Brexit done' message.
Boris Johnson on the campaign trail in Grimsby as he hammered home his 'get Brexit done' message.

1. Escaping from the EU Common External Tariff which raises prices and reduces the quantity of goods available to consumers;

2. Removing the barriers to innovation and thus job prospects which getting 28 countries to agree to anything impose;

3. Reducing the demand on public services particularly health and education by taking back control of our borders;

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Will Brexit be the defining issue at this week's general election?Will Brexit be the defining issue at this week's general election?
Will Brexit be the defining issue at this week's general election?

4. Raising the quality and quantity of food available by freeing ourselves from the EU ban on GM crops;

5. Preserving democracy by respecting the will of the people.

We are being taken for mugs not by capitalists and tax evaders as Mr Hudson suggests but by the fat cats of the EU on huge salaries, over generous pension provision and eye watering expense allowances. Yes indeed – let’s get Brexit done.

From: Joseph Hilbert, Beckwith Road, Harrogate.

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THIS week we either need to decide whether a Labour or Conservative government is going to run the country.

Candidate 1 is an avid “drain spotter”. He began a course in Trade Union Studies at North London but left after a year without a degree after a series of arguments with his tutors.

This same person now refuses to apologise for anti-Semitism and has wasteful spending plans that would wreck the economy and dangerous plans to seize control of private businesses – at a huge expense to the taxpayer.

Candidate 2 excelled in English and Classics, winning prizes in both and graduated from college with an upper second-class degree. This candidate is blessed with immense charisma and wit, is highly ambitious and very competitive. He was mayor of London for eight years and his many achievements include bringing knife crime and murder rates down.

If you considered the above facts, who would you vote for?

From: David Cragg-James, Stonegrave, York.

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IN neither the BBC Leaders’ Debate on Friday nor in the BBC’s Any Questions was there more than a cursory mention of climate change, and that from Labour.

The absence of this existential issue at this stage at the highest level of Tory policy exposes the vacuity and negativity of the Tories’ ‘get Brexit done’ mantra, as well as a glaring intellectual dishonesty. Are we really about to return this single-issue party to government?

From: John Van der Gucht, Cross Hills.

THE election so far confirms that not only is the PM but a lot of his colleagues untrustworthy. Sajid Javid, Secretary of State for Housing until 2018, lied on air about homelessness. Far from halving it, it has gone up, largely thanks to Tory policies.

The PM is not exempt either claiming there will be no customs checks between Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK. But his biggest lie is that a vote for the Tories will ’get Brexit done!’ The Brexit process will actually only start its vital next phase, that of trade negotiations (Richard Heller, The Yorkshire Post, December 6).

From: Michael Gilbert, Thongsbridge , Holmfirth.

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TOM Richmond (The Yorkshire Post, December 7) did Jason McCartney, Conservative candidate for Colne Valley, rather an injustice saying that he is “having some of his election literature printed by an outfit in London” rather than by a local company. I have three of his different leaflets in front of me. Two are printed in Leeds by Paragon C, and the other is printed in Huddersfield by Marshalls Direct. They sound pretty local to me.

From: Keith Punshon, Willow Bridge Lane, Dalton, Thirsk,

THE Labour, SNP and Lib Dem plans for a second EU referendum seems straightforward. You only have a Remain option on the ballot and then you guarantee four million extra votes to your side by adding EU citizens and 16-year-olds to the ballot.

Surely the same result could be obtained by taking the vote from the over-60s who live in Leave-voting constituencies , or just declare the result before the referendum happens. Then abolish all elections.

From: Paul Rouse, Main Street, Sutton upon Derwent, York.

THE population of Yorkshire is about the same as that of Scotland, and is larger than Wales and Northern Ireland, yet we have had to put up with listening to representatives of these regions pushing their own agenda without strong Yorkshire voices being heard. It’s about time our elected representatives recognised the needs of our county and stood up for us.

From: Roger Backhouse, Upper Poppleton, York.

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VARIOUS letter writers have commented on Boris Johnson’s refusal to be interviewed by the BBC’s Andrew Neil. May I suggest Mr Johnson has learned from advice attributed to Abraham Lincoln that it is “better to remain silent and be thought a fool than speak out and remove all doubt”.

From: Cecil Crinnion, Sycamore Close, Slingsby, York.

THE choice facing the electorate is simple: Tory right or Labour wrong.