GP appointments: Would you have 'clapped for GPs'? What The Yorkshire Post readers say

The issue of face to face appointments with GPs is rumbling on - and we've been getting a lot of correspondence around the problem of seeing a GP in person.

The responses below are reactions to comment on the story 'Stop moaning about GPs, some work until 9pm – Yorkshire Post Letters' which we featured earlier this week.

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Dave Schofield - They don’t have the resources. 1,600 patients to one GP – it’s 300 GPs to one patient in France. Pre Tory government, I was getting same day appointments even for a cough. It’s been declining ever since. No I don’t clap and wouldn’t – it’s virtue signalling led by politicians who want to look like they ‘care’. They don’t.

Have you had issues getting a face to face appointment with a GP?

Ca Stead - Maybe if they actually had face-to-face appointments with patients instead of phone calls and misdiagnosis over said call, their workload may be eased. Absolutely ridiculous that everywhere is open but you have to fight to actually see a doctor.

Eve Graham - 60 per cent of appointments are face-to-face. The Government has upped the quota of patients to be triaged and encouraged telephone consultations.

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Bob Baker - We, as a family, have received great service during lockdown. As in normal times, every time we have contacted our surgery, we have a got appointment and rapid treatment.

Yvonne Bottom - You are very fortunate. I’m afraid my neighbour, 89, was on the phone over an hour. She kept getting cut off. She tried several times to get through to her surgery. She has asthma. I ended up having to take a photo of some spots on my shoulder and neck. It ended up as shingles.

Helen Walker - I did go out every Thursday to clap for the NHS which encompasses more than GPs. If it had been clap for GPs, I can’t think of many people who would have done so.

Kenneth Daniel - For crying out loud. These GPs are self employed. They mostly work out of private practices. They have taken on lucrative contracts from the NHS. They have overstretched themselves chasing taxpayers money. And now, because they aren’t fulfilling the contracts they signed up for, we are getting an abysmal service from them.

Coire Smith - They’re paid £160 for three consultations per person per year, the figures work out at seven per person per year and they get no more for this. They are absorbing non contractual work from secondary care which is ever increasing since Covid hit.

Liz Ogden - Ours was delivering Covid boosters on Saturday.