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From: David Collins, Scissett.

I am sick and tired of British politics and politicians, since at least 1946 the voting system has been used to gerrymander the system in such a way that only Conservatives and Labour can win.

So we have had minority governments from one or other most of the time.

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More than 150 new homes to be built on green belt land in Yorkshire village
Green belt land in Harrogate. Picture: Gerard Binks.

The lazy governments depend on their majority to pass what they want. Luckily they are frightened to death of public opinion even if they don’t know what this represents and this takes out some of the most ridiculous laws.

On TV most politicians have scripts prepared by a script writer and answer by quoting bits of it ad nauseam. We need to change our system urgently.

Once this has been achieved the first problem to tackle is housing. At present neither the Government nor building industry have tackled the issue. Government have numbers of housing needed but with no thought as to how, what or where, trying to pass the buck to local authorities. The building industry, despite all their complaining, preferring the current system which means more of the same.

One way to make all of them take notice is to stop any development on Green Belt land. The only development on Green Belt should be forestry or nature reserves.

As the house-owning population ages and more and more want to downsize this is difficult as most modern houses are four/five supposed bedroom houses. Also the right to buy should be stopped. Estates with half private and half tenanted are a disaster when it comes to improvement. You can’t make a private owner improve to the same standard as the tenant in the same timescale.

Common sense where for art thou.