BBC's Blair & Brown: The New Labour Revolution overlooks mistakes of Gordon Brown - Yorkshire Post Letters

From: Dr John Cameron, Howard Place, St Andrews.

THE BBC’s documentary The New Labour Revolution makes a better job of rehabilitating Gordon Brown than Tony Blair.

The latter’s calamitous political mistakes are easily understood by the general public whereas the lasting damage done to our economy by the former are more difficult to explain and were quietly airbrushed from the series.

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Gordon Brown. Pic: Victoria Jones/PA Wire.

Yet it was handing responsibility to the toothless, incompetent Financial Services Authority which sowed the seeds of the 2007-08 financial crisis.

In addition nothing was said of his abolition of the tax credit which our pension funds could reclaim on dividends paid by UK companies.

This deprived the funds of a cumulative £150bn and wrecked final-salary pensions in the private sector which had been, prior to the Brown era, Europe’s best-funded occupational pensions system.

Tony Blair. Pic: Stefan Rousseau/PA Wire.