December election over Boris Johnson’s ’pig in a poke’ Brexit deal is political dishonesty of worst order – Yorkshire Post Letters

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From: Roger Backhouse, Orchard Road, Upper Poppleton, York.

PATRICK Mercer is right. Boris Johnson’s EU Withdrawal Bill needs full scrutiny. Involvement in an EU army is just one concern (The Yorkshire Post, October 26).

Brexit is still the big dividing line in British politics.

Brexit is still the big dividing line in British politics.

Brexit and rise of English nationalism may break up the UK and force me to move to Scotland – William Wallace

The Government has tried to stage manage a rush job avoiding full examination. We’re all fed up of Brexit but letting this go through without detailed examination risks disaster. It reminds me of the tactics of dishonest salesmen who wear down the customer. The customer then signs on the dotted line to get rid of the salesman.

December election will do few favours to Boris Johnson, Brexit and Britain – Andrew Vine

While I’ve no liking for the throwbacks of the Democratic Unionist Party, I feel a twinge of sympathy for the way they’ve been treated. Boris Johnson went to their conference last year to pledge that no British Conservative government should sign up to regulatory checks and customs controls between Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK. Now he pushes a deal that does just that.

Will a general election break the deadlock at the Houses of Parliament?

Will a general election break the deadlock at the Houses of Parliament?

MPs deserve credit for standing up to Boris Johnson’s attempt to rush through Brexit - Yorkshire Post Letters

If Boris Johnson is willing to stitch up allies like this, goodness knows what he’ll do to others. Recent announcements about possible tariffs suggest he’s ignoring farmers, traditionally inclined to support the Conservatives, if this deal goes through. The Treasury would love to cut farm support without the EU’s subsidies.

It is quite frightening that it will not publish the Government’s own assessment of the economic impact of the deal. What are Ministers trying to hide?

We’re being sold a “pig in a poke” and MPs should not allow this through unchallenged. Calling a December election on the basis of this shoddy deal is political dishonesty of the worst sort.

From: Alan Haigh, Foster Close, Morley, Leeds.

THOSE who advocate us remaining in the EU are leading the UK to disaster.

Already the UK population has reached 66.4 million in 2018 with a further increase of three million plus predicted in the next few years.

The future for young people will be grim if we do not leave 
the EU (The Yorkshire Post, October 22).

For a small country this is unsustainable and will make climate change much worse for the UK.

None of the opposition parties have an immigration policy to limit our population once we are free of the EU’s freedom of movement policy which is the main cause of the UK’s out of control population.