Exams fiasco; blame extends beyond Gavin Williamson – Yorkshire Post Letters

From: Gordon Lawrence, Sheffield.

Boris Johnson's leadership continues to defy political and public opinion.

ACCORDING to the many eager critics of the Government’s performance, it is as though Boris Johnson’s administration had completely lost the plot and was solely responsible for the series of car crashes that has seemingly damaged the country’s welfare and reputation.

The most recent one, of course, is the exam shambles supervised by the ill-starred Gavin Williamson. As I understand it, Ofqual, a body of so-called education boffins, given the prime function of preserving standards, was given the freedom to intervene with its now notorious algorithm.

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Most importantly, the algorithm issue relates to other so-called scientific models that the Government has carelessly followed in its battle against Covid-19 where the errors have sometimes been totally damaging. Of course, with hindsight, we clairvoyants, away from the trenches, can always condemn the failure of those with the bayonets having to battle in such a treacherous minefield. I know the buck stops at the top and the Government’s judgment has often been seriously wanting, but I believe blame should be sprayed around a little more widely.

Is Boris Johnson doing a good job as Prime Minister?

From: Jas Olak, Press Officer, Leeds for Europe.

THE exams fiasco and U-turns will have given many young people their first taste of protesting successfully to change things for the better.

I hope some might now apply that experience to another Government debacle – Brexit. The young tend to be more progressive and pro-European than older generations.

They will also be hardest hit by the opportunities lost by us leaving the European Union. Until we rejoin it, of course.

From: Terry Wright, Bempton Lane, Flamborough.

BARBARA Penny’s recent letter is another from a Remainer who cannot accept the result of the referendum four years ago. This was not an advisory referendum – David Camron stated that, whatever the result, it would be carried out. We are where we are and people need to get behind the majority who voted Leave.

Your correspondent blames the British negotiators for lack of progress for a deal acceptable to both sides – this is totally untrue and she is being economical with the truth. Brexit won and, if we had not, we would have had to accept this so called “advisory vote” and stay with a corrupt organisation without another confirmatory vote.

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James Mitchinson