Yorkshire fracking facts needed instead of fantasy - Yorkshire Post Letters

From: Steven M White,Great Edstone, York.

Anti-fracking protestors at Kirby Misperton. Picture: Richard Ponter.
Anti-fracking protestors at Kirby Misperton. Picture: Richard Ponter.

So Dick Lindley thinks we have “unlimited amounts of coal, gas and petroleum under our feet and in the North Sea” (The Yorkshire Post, December 30)?

Looking at the facts rather than wild fantasy, Dick, North Sea reserves are exhausted, to the point that we’re now paying hundreds of millions of pounds out of our taxes to fossil fuel companies to decommission rigs, and research in 2019 showed us that onshore fracking would give us the equivalent of five to seven years’ supply at best… and possibly nothing at all.

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Hoping for a magic supply of new fossil fuels is akin to putting your life savings on a three-legged half-blind horse because the bookie told you it was a good bet.

It wasn’t Dick’s “eco-fascists” who stopped fracking, it was economics, plain and simple.

Let’s let the fracking zombie die and sort out renewable energy properly so we’re no longer at the mercy of dodgy fossil-fuel owning regimes – that’s the way to address fuel poverty. The price shocks will keep on coming until we do so.

From: Jarvis Browning, Fadmoor, York.

I sincerely hope that this or any other government will not lift the fracking ban.

We do not need this ugly subject brought back here please, as there are loads of other alternatives which are not exploited to the full for regenerating electricity via water and sea power etc.

Fracking in Philip Davies’s garden might be a good idea, so he can see the true extent of the environmental damage it seriously does to one area and the health problems that follow it to us and the farm stock and a diminishing wildlife, which must stop before we end up with nothing, for what purpose?