Freedom of movement will end if Brexit is ever delivered – Yorkshire Post Letters

Parliament continues to be divided by Brexit.
Parliament continues to be divided by Brexit.
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From: Alan Machin, Doncaster.

JAMES Bovington’s letter (The Yorkshire Post, October 23), refers to the recent ‘losers’ march’ in London and describes the banner “I’d rather be a citizen of a united Europe than a dead Empire” as the most appropriate.

Speaker John Bercow is due to quit at the end of the month,

Speaker John Bercow is due to quit at the end of the month,

People’s Vote and why I want to be a citizen of a united Europe rather than a dead empire post-Brexit – Yorkshire Post Letters

This just illustrates the difference in our views – where I would prefer to be part of a self-governing United Kingdom rather than part of an undemocratic European Empire.

Brexit and rise of English nationalism may break up the UK and force me to move to Scotland – William Wallace

He then goes on to praise the policy of freedom of movement. You don’t have to have much common sense to realise that this nonsense is totally unmanageable when you have such a difference in wages and job opportunities throughout Europe. Drawing both low wage and professional workers from one country to a more wealthy country benefits neither in the long-term, and it’s a shame politicians allow such a system to exist.

MPs deserve credit for standing up to Boris Johnson’s attempt to rush through Brexit - Yorkshire Post Letters

On the same letters page Roger Backhouse quite rightly identifies Tony Benn’s opposition to the EEC, primarily for its lack of democracy. It’s a pity his ‘revolting’ (read this how you wish) son Hilary does not even respect the democratic vote of our electorate.

From: Thomas W Jefferson, Howden, Goole.

I WAS pleased to see that Jayne Dowle (The Yorkshire Post, October 21) is warming to Jacob Rees-Mogg and the Tory European Research Group. In her outburst she describes them as “rabid ultra-right wingers”, which I rate as a Force 7 event, whereas some months ago we were treated to a tirade at Force 9. On that occasion she had come across them on Eurostar, returning from Brussels, where they had been holding talks with the EU on possible alternatives to the controversial Irish backstop, as part of their campaign to return full democratic governance to this country. Who do they think they are?

If Jayne manages to back down to Force 5, I estimate that conditions could be calm enough to allow Brexit Boris to achieve a controlled landing and to taxi triumphantly over the line to democratic deliverance!

From: Phyllis Capstick, Hellifield.

WHEN I blinked, did the Government pass a law to change the meaning of the word Leave so that it didn’t mean, as stated in the Oxford Dictionary, to go away finally or permanently, to cease to belong to (a group), to cease to remain? What will our incredulous political minds get up to next?