Harrogate Stray complaints are petty in context of Australia bushfires – Yorkshire Post Letters

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From: Michael Ellison, Knapping Hill, Harrogate.

YOU published four letters (The Yorkshire Post, January 2) regarding the damage caused to West Park Stray during the staging of the UCI World Championships in September.

The Stray in Harrogate after cycling's world championships.

The Stray in Harrogate after cycling's world championships.

Five questions Harrogate residents want answering about Stray devastation after UCI Road World Championships – Yorkshire Post Letters

In 2014 this area was used as a ‘Fan Zone’ at the staging of the Tour de France Grand Départ. Then the weather conditions were fine and sunny with a few wispy clouds. I cannot recall any major concerns about the state of the ground after the event.

How to preserve Harrogate Stray after cycling madness turned it into mudbath - Yorkshire Post letters

However, during the nine days of the world cycling, one junior race was cancelled and the route of the senior men’s race was changed due to extremely inclement wet weather. On the latter day the Fan Zone was not opened due the ground being saturated.

Some of the latest scenes of devastation in Australia.

Some of the latest scenes of devastation in Australia.

I have noticed that another area of The Stray where the public bonfire was held two months ago (alongside Oatlands Drive), and which is also still showing signs of being churned up by those who attended.

Sadly over 20 lives have recently been lost in Australia due to the bush fires ravaging that country, and residents of homes flooded in the Fishlake district of South Yorkshire could not return to their properties over the festive period.

There were no fatalities, or properties damaged, as a result of the damage to West Park Stray last September. Over the next few months this area will eventually recover naturally.

In the meantime all the residents of Harrogate should stop moaning about the condition of what (in ecological terms) is merely grassland, and look forward to the forthcoming annual displays of crocuses and daffodils at the edges of the Stray.

Ration cars to save planet

From: Paul Muller, Woodthorpe Gardens, Sandal, Wakefield.

IN order to reduce the levels of CO2 and nitric oxide in the atmosphere, we must stop producing so many vehicles. Nearly every family in the Western world has two or three very large cars (Bernard Ingham, The Yorkshire Post, January 8).

Only one small car per family. Each car to have a small high-powered petrol engine. Improve public transport.

We must develop many small nuclear power stations throughout the UK which do not produce any carbon dioxide. As in France.

If we have no gas, how are we going to heat our houses? Electricity is too expensive. We live in a very cold climate for three quarters of the year.

Car manufacturers can be persuaded to produce much smaller family cars with either a small electric or small highly efficient petrol engine.