Insulate Britain vigilantes must be prosecuted as London blockades resume – Yorkshire Post Letters

From: Paul Morley, Ribblesdale Estate, 
Long Preston, Skipton.

Insulate Britain's protests and road blockages have been condemned by readers.

HAVING spent 30 years as a police officer I have never held with vigilantes or people taking the law into their own hands, thinking our justice system is ineffectual.

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However, having seen people pull these idiotic eco-zealots out of the road so they can go about their lawful business while the police do nothing, is making me have a rethink.

Insulate Britain's protests and road blockages have been condemned by readers.

I’m not having a go at the police constables on the streets as they are only following orders from senior officers – although whether being told to watch the law being broken and do nothing is a lawful order is debatable.

All we hear from the authorities is that they are sorting out legislation to deal with the problem.

Nonsense. There is, and always has been, sufficient legislation to deal with this problem and prevent further problems.

All it takes is senior officers and the judiciary to do the work they are paid handsomely to do.

Insulate Britain's protests and road blockages have been condemned by readers.

As for Insulate Britain, if you take the ‘a’ and ‘e’ out of ‘insulate’, you get a truer version of what these morons are doing.

From: Cecil Hallas, Cubley Rise Road, Penistone.

WHAT a set of deluded clowns Insulate Britain really are, thinking that disrupting traffic on the main arteries of our economy is going to change the situation overnight.

Are they not aware that the great majority of the travellers whose lives they are so blindly disrupting also feel concerned about climate change and its ramifications?

This small minority trumpets its right to protest, persuading people already persuaded, intentionally overriding the rights of people simply trying to get to work, ambulances attempting to get people to hospital and normal working people trying to catch a holiday flight.

The result is a chaos manufactured by the few self-righteous, glue-sticking, paint-throwing disciples of self-adulatory, undemocratic mob rule. An Insulate Britain Taliban.

It would be interesting and 
unusual to see the BBC interview some of these people and spotlight some of their backgrounds.

Some say there isn’t enough police presence. On reflection, I’d find it entertaining to have the police act neutrally and turn their backs while these characters were being made aware of public opinion by the friendly application of a few buckets of water.

But that’s idealism for you.

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