March 15 Letters: Talking tough while lowering our defences

From: David T Craggs, Rotherham.

Has the world, or rather the policies of this country, gone completely mad?

In the same week as the politicians of the two main parties have been expressing their determination to keep Trident, a nuclear deterrent that if ever unleashed would bring an end to the civilised world, BBC Radio 4 reported that a thousand men were being housed in a camp just outside Calais, on the French coast, just waiting to cross the Channel as illegal immigrants.

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And will they eventually make it? You can bet they will. It is anybody’s guess how many of them will be supporters of ISIS, the organisation that is at present wreaking havoc in the Middle East, and would no doubt love to do the same on the streets of the UK.

So much for defending our borders.

Unlike many countries in the world, Britain is not landlocked, and being an island has helped us over the centuries to defend ourselves against the invader. Now we appear to be impotent to do so.

Perhaps our Trident submarines could be used to patrol our territorial waters (do we still have any?) and strengthen our defences against these illegal invaders. It’s just a thought.