Nation's policing 'in awful mess' - Yorkshire Post Letters

From: Peter Hyde, Driffield.

Speaking as an ex-serviceman and former police officer, I cannot help wondering what an awful mess this country is in.

We servicemen and women were well turned out and knew how to obey orders and carried out our duties effectively no matter where we were sent.

It was the same in the police service.

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Channel 5’s Traffic Cops; no excuse for scruffy police officers with facial hair...

We rarely see police officers on our streets talking to the public and collecting information, as we did, but let an incident occur and watch the numbers of police cars appear.

Stabbings are a common occurrence and the Metropolitan Police appear to have lost all trust of the public through the antics, not of the few, but of numerous reported in the


I was thoroughly investigated, as was my wife-to-be, before I was allowed to join, and discipline was pretty strict.