These litter louts are shaming Yorkshire and action must be taken

From: Derek Metcalf, Sherburn in Elmet, Leeds.

What more can be done to deter litter louts?

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Litter louts and why words now fail me over rubbish on streets – Yorkshire Post ...

WE appear to be a nation of “throw your rubbish out of the car window and leave it for someone else to clean up” people.

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The dirtiest road I have ever been on is the A1246 which runs from Brotherton to the M62 junction. If I was a visitor coming to this area for the first time and met this deluge of rubbish, I would turn around and move to another area.

Volunteers across Yorkshire take part in litter picks along roadsides - but how can the culprits be deterred?

I assume this road belongs to the local authority and council officials must drive along it – why let the side of the road get into this state?

I am 84 years old and I was always told to keep all the rubbish in the car until you get home. I am sure a plastic bag in the car would reduce a lot of the rubbish from being thrown out of car windows.

From: Thomas Reed, Harrogate.

I WAS following a car on the A19 past Thirsk the other day when the driver was discarding bottles, soft drink cans and crisp packets out of their window.

What can be done? I wanted to film it on my mobile phone, and take down the registration number, but I guess I would have been liable for criminal prosecution and a greater punishment than the litter culprit. Thoughts?