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From: Pauline Allon, Ilkley

Although Johnson has resigned, he continues as PM, ensuring his legacy of corruption continues.

It’s recognised that Johnson’s leadership was dominated by disasters, from a divisive Brexit and unlawful proroguing of Parliament to appointing an MP to a Government role accused of misconduct plus all the scandals in between from the PPE VIP lane to partygate, threats to the NI Protocol to his own manipulation of the ministerial code plus many more atrocities.

The question is, when Johnson goes, will politics improve, will we become a more just and transparent society or continue to stagnate under a hard Brexit right wing libertarian ideology?

When Boris Johnson goes, will politics improve, this reader asks. Photo by Carl Court/Getty Images

Most PM contenders supported Johnson – they knew what was happening and chose to ignore corruption rather than stand up for truth.

It is unlikely therefore that we will inherit a more moderate politics.

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It seems the new Government will pursue a low tax economy benefiting the rich, reduce spending on public services ie health, education and social care, and reduce regulation, for example the control of hazardous substances etc.

How can we create a more just society?

We need voices of reason and moderation, free thinking and open-minded people to counteract the effects of the Tory right-wing press such as the Sun, Daily Mail, and the Express which dominate politics.

We need a progressive alliance between Labour, Lib Dems and Greens who represent most voters, and we need proportional representation.

Will this happen? It depends if the voices of moderate thinkers are audible above the amplification of the right wing.