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From: Mike Vyvyan, Nafferton, Driffield.

Some readers would like top see the North Yorkshire Moors Railway extended. Do you agree?

WE are privileged to have a railway station and an hourly train service just a five minute walk from our home.

This is a real positive enhancement to village life as it gives speedily access to places like Beverley and Hull, and a direct link to the UK rail network. For example, at peak times driving into or out of Hull can take 90 minutes by car, however, by train it is only a 35 minute journey.

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Rail connections to Whitby are in the spotlight.

I lived in Whitby for 16 years and had a career that entailed significant travelling. Getting to Scarborough, Malton or York to get a train could prove to be challenging during certain times of the year and car parking was an expensive nightmare.

Since I left the area, steam trains have been given permission to run into Whitby enhancing the attraction for tourists and reducing some of the pressure on parking.

Also the line that runs from Middlesbrough to Whitby, that links to the North Yorkshire Moors Railway at Grosmont, goes through some fantastic scenery.

Sadly, this line is virtually unknown to those who live outside its catchment area and under utilised. A rail link from Malton would, in my opinion, further revitalise this area of North Yorkshire creating new opportunities and as a consequence employment. Providing the service was good, I consider that it would certainly encourage more residents to think twice about using their cars.

Should there be better rail links to and from Whitby?

However, to make any of these potential rail line reopenings happen, residents of the North East need to make their voices and votes count in Westminster. Something, which to date, they have failed to do. Also the value of rail travel needs to be promoted more effectively.

Having travelled by train in many European countries, it seems that their systems and services are light years ahead of what we have in Britain. The real issues in the UK are access and capacity not speed.

If the money being spent on HS2 had been invested into enhancing and expanding the rail network a great deal more people and areas, such as Yorkshire, would have seen real long-term benefits. But it seems that consideration is only given to grandiose schemes that politicians think will give them kudos.

From: Ann Green, Easingwold.

Should the rail link to Otley be reinstated?

I WASN’T born when the Easingwold line was closed (The Yorkshire Post, August 21). But living in Easingwold, relying on buses to travel is not always easy. Last bus from York is before 7pm.

It costs about £30 for a taxi back to Easingwold. Last bus from Easingwold to York is before 7pm so not good for a night out. Only one taxi service in Easingwold running at the moment and it’s expensive.

It would mean so much to open the train line from Easingwold both for employment and leisure. Trains pass Easingwold – Edinburgh to London – but we have no station. So buses to Thirsk and York. If you haven’t got a car, you are a bit restricted. I’m sure Easingwold people would agree.

From: Paul Stevenson, Egton, Whitby.

AFTER seeing your letter about disused railways, I would like to add the Loftus to Whitby line which would be one of the most scenic in the country, especially going around the cliffs and through two tunnels at Kettleness and Sandsend.

From: Beverley Reed, Ripon.

BRING back the railway to Ripon. It is so needed. It might help tourism and stop Ripon looking like a ghost town, and give competition for all the charity shops.

From: Lance Tonks, Otley.

I WOULD like to see the Otley to Menston line reopened. Otley gets very congested at times with road traffic. Looking to the future, surely a growing town like Otley with expansion aspirations/needs, deserves a better infrastructure that reflects its modern requirements?

From: Geoff Peel, Thornton in Craven.

THE Garsdale to Hawes line should be reinstated – it is only missing a short link.

And from social media:

Ben Roberts. At the very least these old routes should be protected from development so as not to prevent re-opening becoming an option. The current vandalism being undertaken by the Highways Agency, filling in bridges with concrete, needs to be stopped.

Paul Eaton. A portion of the old Redcar to Whitby line has been the subject of discussion by Tees Valley mayor. If it actually does happens, it would see the section currently used by freight trains from Saltburn to

Hinderwell near Staithes reinstated for passenger use.

Mike Gough. Kingston Upon Hull to Hornsea and Withernsea. Northallerton to Hawes.

Matthew Milnes. The Woodhead line.

Paul Eaton. Problem is many of these old routes have now been developed on with housing, not all, but some properties would be in the way of routes.

Liz Alderson. The sooner the better!

Scott Watmuff. Scarborough to Whitby.

Christine Grayson. Ripon.

Alex Whitaker. Garsdale to Hawes, Hawes to Northallerton, Skipton to Colne.

Kevin Doo. Lines on West Sheffield and East bypass via Barrow Hill for passengers. Totley junction improvement needs to be done.

Christopher Branch-evans. Malton to Pickering.

Martin Landers. Richmond to Darlington.

Matthew Milnes. The Spen Valley line through Cleckheaton. With the re-opening of the viaduct on to the Barnsley line, through trains could run from Bradford to Sheffield and London. Re-opening the Mirfield to Norristhorpe section would allow through running from Bradford to Huddersfield.

Alan Ostle. Only trouble is would they be used enough? Rail travel is also expensive compared to other parts of the world.

Christian I’Anson. Hull to Withernsea.

Dave Hildyard. Hull to Hornsea, Hull to Withernsea, and Scarborough to Whitby.

@BarrySheerman. Reopen all of them if possible, but make Huddersfield to Bradford a top priority. This would be real value for taxpayers unlike the HS2 vanity project.

Grahame Hancock. They have made a right economic mess, with their short sighted closures.

@Yorkshire_DM. Connect Yorkshire to Yorkshire, not to London!

Christopher Branch-evans. Malton to Pickering.

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