Why Putin’s Russia is celebrating Brexit – Yorkshire Post Letters

From: Ken Cooke, Ilkley.

Would Scottish independence be a 'godsend' for Russia leader Vladimir Putin?

Regarding your report (The Yorkshire Post, October 2) that William Hague fears Scottish nationalism will lead to the break-up of the Union and that would be ‘a godsend to our enemies’, such as Vladimir 

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It was a crass appeal to nationalism which swung many voters at the Leave referendum, but why should nationalism be bad for the UK but good for leaving the EU? Which, incidentally, pleased no-one more than Vladimir Putin.

William Hague's comments on Scottish independence continue to prompt much debate and discussion.

Patriotism means doing one’s best for one’s nation, and in these times, that also means 
co-operating with other 
nations for our common 

Nationalism focuses on exceptionalism, isolation, competition and jingoism – as witnessed all too well in the Germany of the 1930s.

Leaving the EU was a grave affront to Scottish patriots, as it was indeed to a vast number of other British patriots – more than half in recent polls. That Brexit is performing so badly and has severely reduced our global clout must be a lesson against jingoistic nationalism.

True patriots see closer 
co-operation with our neighbours being the way forward and in the best 
interests of all. Brexit is 

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