York couple’s third New Year wrecked by Covid nightmare after ‘catching virus’ in December 2019 – Yorkshire Post Letters

From: Keith Massey, Bishopthorpe, York.

MY wife and I are going into year three of coronavirus. We’ve now had three Christmases ruined by the virus as it was December 15, 2019, when I suddenly fell seriously ill followed by my wife the next day.

We’ve never been so ill and are convinced it was coronavirus – two months before the ‘official’ first national cases in York.

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We have now had the three jabs plus the bonus added ‘flu jab and, yet, here we are still feeling unsafe to mix for a family meal with another five households causing sad family tensions for our absence. When will it all end?

Health and Social Care Secretary Sajid Javid during a hospital visit.

I’m getting to the end of my ‘tether’ with all the restrictions.

Surely we need a vaccine that prevents the virus as do others for serious diseases?

Now they are saying that the ‘booster’ jab only lasts about 12 weeks?

I am weary of all the jabs and might now draw a personal line on it.

Should Covid vaccines be mandatory to minimise disruption to families and the economy? Reader Keith Massey makes the case.

All this authoritarian ‘we know what’s best for you’ is damaging the national mental psyche
and we are starting to lose confidence in our ability to make our own decisions – and this is dangerous.

I recommend readers watching documentary footage of the Second World War in colour on Netflix to appreciate our parents’ generation display of incredible human courage and fortitude.

We surely have to start living with this damned virus and live our lives?

I want more accurate ‘truth’ coming out of the NHS and Downing Street.

Should Covid vaccines be mandatory to minimise disruption to families and the economy? Reader Keith Massey makes the case.

If figures are announced, I want to know the absolute facts as to how many of those with covid problems have been vaccinated and who has died of covid – not with it.

I am told anecdotally that the majority of patients in a Yorkshire hospital are non-vaccinated.

If the six million in this country who have refused the vaccination are causing widespread problems in hospitals and crippling businesses and all our lives by their selfish action, then time the Government and the NHS approach it from a tougher line as suggested by columnist Andrew Vine in a recent edition of The Yorkshire Post.

Maybe think of adopting an Australian proposal in that those who used their ‘right’ to refuse the vaccines and end up in hospital, then they will receive a bill at the end of it for all their medical care.

This might have a positive effect on vaccine uptake and ‘persuade’ the doubters?

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