North Yorkshire’s many challenges can be tackled once Boris Johnson delivers Brexit: Yorkshire Post Letters

From: Robert Goodwill, Conservative MP for Scarborough and Whitby.

Boris Johnson holds his first Cabinet meeting since winning the general election.

Boris Johnson now has the majority he needs to deliver Brexit by the end of January and then move on to the other important issues that have been on the back burner for the past three-and-a-half years while Parliament argued about Brexit.

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Locally, we need to improve our transport links, deliver the planned investment in our hospitals and improve the performance of some of our schools. We need to find the best use for the Futurist site.

Robert Goodwill is the Conservative MP for Scarborough and Whitby.

Drugs still blight the lives of too many. We need to keep building more affordable homes. Climate change is the most important challenge of our generation. Outside of the EU our farmers and fishermen will have great opportunities but also challenges.

From: Eric Peake, Hardwick Road, Pontefract.

As long as politics is funded by big business and the unions, this country will never be a democracy. It should be paid for from taxation with a special levy, say one pence in the pound going into the pot which is shared equally by each candidate.

The second chamber should also be elected – candidates should be only aged between 60 and 70 years – and stand for one term only. The present system has passed its sell-by date.

From: Edward Grainger, Nunthorpe, Middlesbrough.

I hope that the new Conservative government begins immediately on the much-needed improvement to herald a new era for many areas of not just Yorkshire but the North East.

Boris Johnson, go for it. With the right endeavour, enterprise and vision, Labour will remain dead in the water.

From: Paul Morley, Long Preston, Skipton.

I heard Tony Blair speaking on the news about Labour’s election debacle. He states that Labour is currently marooned on Fantasy Island. My only response was along the lines of a wish that he and his mate, Sir John Major, were there as well.

From: Peter Rickaby, Selby.

Listening to Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn’s reply to the Queen’s Speech on Thursday last week, it was obvious by the minute he was totally oblivious of which party had lost the support of the public at the election on December 12.