Raw sewage scandal: Should water companies be renationalised? Yorkshire Post readers have their say

The raw sewage scandal has prompted a lot of debate over the last week, and nowhere more so than on our social media page.

Martin Schwaller - England’s water companies paid £57bn (yes, £57bn) in dividends since 1991. Yet they have invested a very small proportion of that into their infrastructure. This could easily have been solved by now if profits had been diverted into the water supply and sewage removal systems. Absolute disgrace and yet another example of why privatisation of vital industry (rail, energy, communications, utilities) is a stupid and damaging policy for any country. This is where the Tories and their profiteering have it very wrong.

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Jack Burris - Remember come election time.

Protesters take part in a paddle out, organised by Surfers Against Sewage

Allan Jolly - Sorry but amnesia will have set in with most of the English by then.

John Holiday - Sickening. We are still reliant on Victorian systems and have lacked meaningful investment. Time to insist that the water companies get their act together.

Falta Karikato - Not really a surprise though...it’s not like any MP and their family will be forced to endure a ‘staycation’ and swimming in untreated sewage.

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Christine Landon - We are already onto the issue and have contacted our MPs.

Nigel Heyes - A very poor and unacceptable show. Obviously polluting rivers and the sea is not part of the global climate agenda.

Mark Brock - They do what they’re told, not what is right. At least a handful stood up to the Tory machine.

Allan Jolly - Out of sight, out of mind, with the Tories.

Shawn Williams - Unbelievable anybody trusts them on climate change, they couldn’t care less. Unless somebody dumps it in their back garden.

Tim Binns - Blimey. Let’s be honest. Raw sewage has been dumped for years.

Claire Chambers - It’s not just coastal concerns but all the rivers that are affected by these kind of sewage discharges. Where are their values and commitment to their constituents?

David Jackson - Why was it that river management was stopped?