Incredible picture shows Northern Lights visible over Holy Island causeway in Northumberland

A photographer has captured the moment he saw a rare occurrence of the aurora borealis in England this week.

The Press Association's Owen Humphreys photographed the Northern Lights and the Milky Way above the Holy Island causeway in Northumberland one of the few places in England where the spectacle is occasionally visible, on the morning of March 15.

The Northern Lights are seen more often in northern Scotland, but can appear further south following strong geomagnetic events that allow the solar particles from storms to penetrate the Earth's atmosphere at lower latitudes. Northumberland's dark skies make it one of the best places to view the aurora, and Derwentwater in the Lake District is another popular spot.

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The reactions between solar particles and magnetic fields tend to appear at the North and South Pole and regions nearby.

The Northern Lights above the Holy Island causeway and refuge hut

They are best viewed in areas with little light pollution.