Most Googled Yorkshire phrases revealed as region marks Yorkshire Day

Malham Cove in the Yorkshire Dales
Malham Cove in the Yorkshire Dales
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The most common Yorkshire words for people to have a gander at on't internet have been revealed - with gander being one of them.

As the region marks Yorkshire Day, research has shown the most frequently-Googled phrases.

The waterfront in Leeds city centre

The waterfront in Leeds city centre

It seems people from outside God's Own County have been left scratching their heads over greetings and affirmatives in our dialect - but mostly, they've been really getting their heads in a spin about the word for a large bread bun.

Gander, meaning 'to look at something', came in top as the most searched-for Yorkshire-ism on the internet, with around 40,500 searches a month.

'Aye', meaning 'yes', came second after being Googled 22,200 times a month.

'Bap' and 'Butty'both made the list with 22,200 and 4,400 searches respectively. In a similar vein, 'chippy' also racked up 4,400 searches.

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Other words to make the list included 'appen' (meaning to happen), bray (to attack something), 'bairn' (a child) and 'bagsy' (to grab something and secure it for yourself, eg. a seat on the bus).

Obviously, 'ginnel' also made the list with 320 searches.

The phrases were revealed by greetings card company Thortful, as they mark Yorkshire Day with a range of greetings cards celebrating the region.

Sarah Pearce Head of Marketing at comments “Yorkshire has arguably the most iconic and recognisable dialect throughout the entire UK. At thortful we love the quirkiness of the phrases used and are delighted to offer our customers the chance to send greeting cards which celebrate everything that Yorkshire has to offer.

The full card collection can be seen here