New caravan site to open near Hornsea after owner wins appeal against refusal

A caravan site which was approved by a planning inspector after an appeal will open next spring near the village of Mappleton, East Yorkshire.

Southfield Caravan and Camping Park, to the west of the B1242, will open next year

Officers had recommended approval of plans for 30 pitches for touring caravans as well as tents at Southfield, a property to the west of the B1242, close to Cowden Holiday Park.

But it was refused by East Riding councillors at a meeting last April due to concerns over highway safety, drainage and flood risk.

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However the refusal was overturned earlier this year following an appeal by the site’s owner Robert Blackley and work has now started on site.

Mappleton beach: some locals are concerned about the number of new tourism developments in Holderness

Inspector John Dowsett accepted that the few cars he saw on his visit could have been down to the pandemic, but felt there was no reason to disagree with a survey which suggested traffic travelling at around 40mph past the site. He found no substantive evidence to suggest large numbers would try and cross the road to a path to the village.

Objectors had raised concerns over an “over concentration” of holiday parks in the area but Inspector Dowsett found no evidence that the scheme would have “unacceptable cumulative effects”.

North Holderness councillor Barbara Jefferson said apart from a nearby pub at Cowden, and a shop selling ice cream and cakes in Mappleton, there were no other facilities.

Mappleton - one of the few places outside coastal towns to have a ramp to the beach - had problems with visitors parking everywhere last summer until double yellow lines were put down the main street as part of an 18-month trial.

Coun Jefferson said the village had taken its "fair share", adding: “We have caravan sites all the way up the coast. They are doing a wonderful job but when it affects a small village as an East Riding of Yorkshire councillor I must support residents in that village.

"I think many of the inspectors get it wrong. They only see it on that day and at that time. They are entitled to their opinion as I'm entitled to mine."

Mr Blackley said he was taking a backseat from his metal fabrication and powder coating company in Barnsley and was fulfilling a dream of opening a small family-run caravan park.

He said he and his wife had been on lots of touring holidays: "I would say over the last 10 to 15 years we've talked about having one. It's a bit of a retirement and having something to do.

"Basically it will be a small family-run caravan park. You go to these massive ones and don't see the owners. We will be more involved with people who come in.

"People have called at the house lots of times to ask when we are opening."

Southfield Caravan and Camping Park will open at the beginning of next season.