Our Yorkshire Farm: Watch Amanda Owen and her family mourn a beloved pet and try to save a diseased tree

In the new episode of Our Yorkshire Farm on Channel 5, Amanda Owen and her husband Clive prepare their children to go back to school after the long, snowy winter lockdown. Tragedy strikes as the family loses a beloved pet.

Amanda Owen. (Pic credit: Gary Longbottom)
Amanda Owen. (Pic credit: Gary Longbottom)


The latest episode of Our Yorkshire Farm follows the Owen family as they navigate through their day-to-day lives after the winter lockdown.

Amanda and Clive’s children are finally going back to school, while their four-year-old Nancy helps her parents prepare for lambing season.

Every spring the responsibility of gathering in the pregnant flock from the rough moorlands falls on Amanda and Clive’s two sheepdogs, Midge and Kate.

However, in this episode, Kate is expecting a litter of puppies herself and has to take a back seat from her usual duties. Amanda then tries to forge a new working relationship with Clive’s strong young dog, Midge.

Later in the episode, the farm loses a family member when 40-year-old Shetland pony, Little Joe, passes away. The heartbroken family gather around and reminisce about their time with Little Joe and each remembered the time the children learned how to ride the loyal, miniature steed.

The disease ash dieback strikes and leaves a decades-old tree hanging by a thread, forcing the family to call in the local farmer, Morris Fisher, to help prevent it from collapsing on a traditional stone barn. Using wood from the ancient tree, the children create a headstone for Little Joe and help Clive lay the last of the earth on the pony’s grave.

Sidney, who is nine-years-old, and Clive travel to collect a puppy, Nell, from a sheepdog training camp. Following 10 weeks, Sid is happy to be reunited with Nell and excited to see what she’s learned during her time away from the farm.

The Owen family build a maternity hospital where they will carefully attend the birthing mothers over the next two months, as lambing season is just days away.

They rescued a bucketful of frog babies from a farm-track puddle, so Nancy and her sisters rehome the hatchlings to a pond.

The new episode of Our Yorkshire Farm will be available to watch on Channel 5 at 9pm on October 12.