Tombstone Taxis: Company offering free rides in a hearse in exchange for talking about death

You don’t have to die to be driven around in a hearse in Yorkshire - but you may need to chat about your own death.

Have you thought about what will happen to your loved ones when you die? What do you want to be remembered for?

Tombstone Taxis are offering free lifts in a 22-foot hearse around Leeds - but as they say there’s no such thing as a free.

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What they ask for in return is “an open and honest conversation about death" which is "one of the last remaining taboos,” according to organiser Eddy Edwards 52, from Sheffield.

Would you take a taxi ride in a hearse?

To break this stigma Dead Happy, the insurance company behind the initiative who Eddy works for, said that they want to change attitudes about death in a “fun, albeit slightly weird and creepy” way.

Eddy, who hopes to normalise death among those travelling in the hearse, added: “So there isn’t this stigma and morbidity about death.”

Those travelling in the hearse in the front two passenger seats, will be asked en route certain questions which Dead Happy call “death wishes.”

Eddy said: “We are basically asking people what you want to happen if you die? Who would you die for? It’s really weird when you ask someone what they want to happen when they die but people want to send their mates on holiday is a popular one."

Reporter Sophie Mei Lan took a ride to see what it was like

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He said someone else wanted a fashion parade as a funeral with ticketed entry only and a beige colour scheme.

Eddy said: “There’s nothing sinister, grey or dull. People just want a positive experience with either their funeral or the money they get from life insurance.”

Although when people in Leeds were asked by the Dickensian themed chauffeur 'who would you die for?' it seems us music-loving Yorkshire folk have an eclectic taste.

“Someone said Taylor Swift because we don’t want her great music to die and someone else wants to use their life insurance money to put the Stone Roses back together,” said Eddy.

He said another person had chosen to die for their dog over their family because they liked their pet more.

But Eddy said that while they like to make the conversation fun and light-hearted, there is a serious message behind the Dead Happy brand.

“Some people don’t like us being called Dead Happy as they think we’re being a irreverent about death. The more we talk about it, the more we can change attitude towards death," added Eddy, who said the hearse is the perfect vehicle to have these conversations.

Anyone interested in booking a free ride can do so by visiting: