'A big danger zone': Yorkshire residents' anger as town's 'worst road' crumbles away leaving 'dangerous' surface

Scarborough residents have spoken of their anger at the potholes and temporary road repairs on Green Lane.

The road has been dubbed 'the worst road in Scarborough' by the town's residents and potholes and temporary repairs have left pedestrians and drivers feeling unsafe.

The problems on Green Lane include a zebra crossing which is not visible due to the tarmac covering it from repairs, stone chippings covering the roads and potholes appearing on recent patchwork.

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The borough councillors for the Newby ward are aware of the problem and are trying to get it fixed.

The state of road repairs on Green Lane no longer resemble a zebra crossing.

Councillor Eileen Murphy said: "It's not only people who live on this actual street and the streets off it, anybody who drives into it have contacted me. It’s dangerous."

She said she has phoned North Yorkshire County Council about the potholes, and they said they would inspect it.

'It's going to take somebody to die'

Coun Murphy also said that the road is up for 'scheme funding', and when that report is finished, North Yorkshire County Council will have to see if they are going to get funding from somewhere else to add to their funding to repair Green Lane.

Borough councillors Eileen Murphy and Neil Heritage. "There are potholes on top of potholes [that have been previously filled in]," said Cllr Heritage.

Coun Murphy went on to say: "I had Green Lane put on the 'dangerous roads' list because it's going to take somebody to die or break a bone, especially older people. I've had cyclists, motorcyclists, and people in disabled chairs come to me and it's dreadful.

"The rates down here are not cheap, and over 80 per cent of that goes to North Yorkshire County Council so why aren't they spending it on this road?"

Stephen Swalwell, a resident on Green Lane, said: "It's the worst road in Scarborough. This road hasn't been resurfaced in years. What they do is they put plaster on it, then they paint over the top, they don't do it properly and it’s just getting worse and worse. They only did it last week and it hasn't improved one bit. Give it another couple of weeks and what they have put down will have gone.

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Residents are concerned that it will take a serious accident or injury before Green Lane is fixed.

"People are swerving from some of the holes that are in the road, and that's going to cause an accident. Until they do it correctly, it's going to be ongoing.

"I've just had my car fail its MOT because the shocks and everything have been battered coming up and down this road. It's the worst road in Scarborough 100 per cent."

'Worst road in Scarborough'

Green Lane joins Cross Lane to Scalby Road and is a busy road, which is close to Scalby School and also a bus route.

The potholes and temporary repairs have left the residents worrying about the schoolchildren who use the road daily to walk to school and back home, as well as having to fix their vehicles due to the damage the potholes have caused.

Resident Brady Carey said: "It's really bad. It just needs taking up and starting again. It can be a big danger zone, what I find is that it puddles so when you have all the school kids, you end up trying to move into the middle of the road so you don't splash them and endanger them. It can buckle your wheels too."

Resident Mr Haire agreed, and said: "It's terrible, it's patch repaired everywhere and just needs sorting out. People fly along here and then it flies up. We've got young children who walk up and down and the grit goes up".

Scarborough Mayor, Councillor Eric Broadbent said he thinks that patching roads isn't the correct way to fix roads.

Coun Eric Broadbent is the councillor for the Newby area, which covers Dean Road - another area of Scarborough that needs road repairs.

He said: "To be honest I have noticed as a local driver that there are still a few potholes around our borough, with some quite deep ones that in my opinion do need attention.

"A perfect example is the road surface at the top of Dean Road where patch on top of patch has been added, and this, in my opinion, is not the right way to keep our roads in good condition as well as comfortable to drive on.

"When I contact Highways and complain about the appearance and the effect that this patching up has on our road users the stock answer that I receive is that the inspector has looked at the road condition and it is safe.

"Whilst this is correct I am always of the opinion that if something is worth doing, it is worth doing well."