Farm's garage conversion plan refused over fears of impact on surrounding countryside

Plans to convert an East Riding farm’s garage into three homes have been refused over fears of their impact on surrounding countryside.

The Enholmes Farm development
The Enholmes Farm development

East Riding Council’s Eastern Area Planning Sub-Committee refused the application to convert the building, on the Enholmes Farm development in Enholmes Lane, Patrington, into housing.

Developer Hexagon Properties stated the reuse of the existing building would help boost local housing supplies and the economy after an “unprecedented downturn” due to the coronavirus pandemic.

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But committee member Coun Brian Skow said the homes would be in the “middle of a field” well away from Patrington itself.

Coun Denis Healy, also on the committee, said he did not understand why the application had been resubmitted without any changes to one which the committee refused in April 2020.

The developer’s application stated the conversion came as part of the wider redevelopment of the site, once a model farm, with 29 homes built there in the last 15 years.

They stated: “It is considered that the previous refusal failed to properly take into account a number of material planning considerations which should weigh in favour of this proposal.

“The design integrates with the historic character and appearance of this heritage location, particularly by keeping external alterations to the garage buildings to a minimum.

“Construction of the existing garage blocks started approximately eight years ago, during this period the applicants have seen minimal demand for them within the overall development.

“Failure to secure planning permission would likely result in job losses at a time when unemployment is rising significantly.”

The committee heard that while details of the conversion had not changed, the applicant had provided further information but planning officers still recommended refusal.

Councillors also heard from planning officers who said housing at the site was considered unsustainable because of its location.

Coun Skow said: “I visited this site yesterday (Sunday, May 16), it’s a very strange development in the middle of a field well outside Patrington down a long lane.”

Coun Healy added: “This has already been refused once, I can understand an applicant coming back where changes have been made but all these things were the same last time.

“There hasn’t been any changes to the previous application, I don’t understand the logic.”

Committee chair Coun Sue Steel said: “I was suprised when I went to visit the site, it’s like a little village developing there. I agree that this application should be refused.”