How much fuel is there in Yorkshire compared to the rest of Britain?

New Government figures show filling stations in Britain had an average fuel stock level of 25% on Sunday (October 3).

Queues form at a Morrisons petrol station

Fuel stock levels were found to vary across the country - and while Yorkshire appeared to be feeling the impact of the crisis on Sunday, it was by no means the worst hit region.

Before the fuel crisis, petrol stations in Britain had an average fuel stock level of 33 per cent, but the hardest hit regions saw levels as low as 16 per cent on Sunday.

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Stocks were lower than the pre-crisis national average across Yorkshire and The Humber at the weekend, at 28 per cent.

The figures came after government analysis suggested the fuel crisis is easing in Yorkshire.North-east England appeared relatively unaffected by the crisis on Sunday, with average stock levels at 33% in this region, while the North-west had stocks of 28%.

At the other end of the scale, South-east England had just 16% while London didn't fare much better with 18%.

England was the hardest hit nation in Britain on Sunday, with average fuel stock levels of 23% across the country, compared to 35% in Scotland and 30% in Wales.

Here is a breakdown of average fuel stock levels at filling stations on Sunday:

North-east England: 33%

North-west England: 28%

Yorkshire and The Humber: 28%

East Midlands: 22%

West Midlands: 26%

East of England: 19%

London: 18%

South-east England: 16%

South-west England: 26%

Wales: 30%

Scotland: 35%

England: 23%