Local elections 2022: Labour loses ground in Sheffield as council remains in no overall control

Sheffield City Council has remained under no overall control as the largest party Labour ended a mixed night of seat changes with a net loss of one councillor.

Labour lost overall control of the council in 2021 and is currently in a power-sharing agreement with the Green Party. The party needed to win five seats in this year's elections to win back control of the council but instead saw its position as the largest party slightly further eroded.

Going into the vote - in which 28 out of the 84 seats of the council were up for election - Labour had 40 councillors, the Liberal Democrats 29 and the Green Party 13, with a single Conservative and one independent also represented on the authority.

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The Greens have won seats in Hillsborough and Gleadless Valley from Labour, while the Liberal Democrats took Labour's existing seat in Beighton. But Labour did gain the Crookes and Crosspool ward from the Liberal Democrats and also won the Nether Edge and Sharrow ward from the Greens.

It means the Greens have gained one additional seat and Labour have lost one.

Sheffield Council leader Terry Fox held his seat in Manor Castle. In 2021, the then-council leader Bob Johnson lost his seat in Hillsborough.

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