Nudge crossing: First of its kind in the country installed in Yorkshire

Hull City Council has explained new markings which have appeared on Anlaby Road after spawned speculation and jokes about their purpose.

Hull City Council said the yellow and white arrow markings on Anlaby Road and part of its pavement were a ‘nudge crossing’, the first of its kind in the country.

The crossing is designed to improve safety by encouraging pedestrians to use crossings properly, including with arrows pointing the correct direction to walk in.

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Council highways portfolio holder Coun Dean Kirk said the crossing would play a “crucial” role in avoiding pedestrian injuries in Anlaby Road.

The 'nudge crossing' which has been installed in Hull

The installing of the new crossing comes ahead of a second, set to be painted in Market Place later this week, with both fitted as part of an ongoing trial.

The council’s statement about the crossing comes after residents and road users took to social media to ask what the markings could be for.

Facebook user Nick Boldock commented: “I mean, it’s a crossing, obviously. Why is anyone confused by it? Bit garish perhaps, but if you can’t work out “that’s a crossing” then cars are really going to mess with your mind.”

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Mike Fieldhouse wrote they were an “expensive, confusing mess”.

Maria Conningworth said: “Space between bicycles and vehicles and also to space slow at corners of junctions to stop at a safe distance to not collide with other vehicles.”

Jill Semper wrote: “It’s to help people use the crossings safely.”

Jordan Grace commented: “It’s an e-scooter lane.”

Others made jokes referring to video games, comparing the markings to a race track.

Andrew Clunie commented: “Someone at the council is massive Mario Kart and Sonic [the Hedgehog] fan.

Brett Render wrote: “If you go over them it makes you go faster.”

The council’s trial scheme for the markings is set to run from Monday, October 18 to Sunday, October 31, after which they will be removed.

Guildhall officials stated they came as Hull had one of the highest pedestrian accident rates in the country, of 44 casualties per 100,000 people.

The trial is taking place in partnership with Liverpool City Council and has the backing of £200,000 from the Road Safety Trust.

Coun Kirk said: “We welcome the installation of the ‘nudge’ pedestrian crossings, and are pleased to be part of this innovative project which complements the council’s road safety strategy that was launched in March last year.

“By working closely with the Road Safety Trust and Liverpool City Council, Hull will play a crucial part in a wider approach in helping to reduce pedestrian casualties on the roads.”