Yorkshire church to put noticeboard on grass verge after Government planning inspector decision

A Government Inspector who allowed a Yorkshire church to put a noticeboard on a nearby grass verge after upholding an appeal against a council has been hailed for his “common sense”.

St Margaret's Church in Long Riston
St Margaret's Church in Long Riston

East Riding Council refused permission for the noticeboard on a verge next to the access to St Margaret’s Church in Long Riston saying it was “within the highway” and would “cause a distraction to drivers”.

Its highway department claimed it would be an “additional hazard” if a driver came off the road.

However, Inspector Martin Seaton said that argument was “without any justifiable merit”.

Mr Seaton said the noticeboard would be set back 3m from the edge of Catwick Lane “further back than other existing gates, walls, hedgerows, and indeed buildings observed in close proximity to the appeal site.”

He noted it was within the highway but did not find “that there would be the contended adverse impact on highway safety for motorists.”

Churchwarden Ian Nursey said: “We are very grateful to the Planning Inspectorate for upholding the appeal. The inspector saw common sense which is a big relief.

“The church in Long Riston is set back and it wanted to be in a position where people coming down the lane would be able to see it. The verge was really the best place for it.”