Osprey chick twins set nesting record

Ospreys breeding in a forest wilderness have hatched out a record-breaking pair of chicks.

The chicks, discovered yesterday at Kielder Water and Forest park in Northumberland, were measured and tagged by rangers helping to reintroduce the birds to Britain.

The nest is the second in the 62,000 hectare wilderness, making Kielder the only place in England for more than 170 years to have two breeding osprey families.

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Experts guessed there would be a single chick at the eyrie, built atop a 15m (50ft) high fir at a secret location in the park so they were delighted to find two healthy chicks sharing the nest, which have not yet fledged.

Forestry Commission ornithologist Martin Davison said it was a thrill to be able to hold the chicks after keeping watch on them froma distance.

He said they were big chicks and very docile and very beautiful, with big yellow eyes.

He added: “They are absolutely gorgeous.”