Weather forecast Yorkshire: Will the region see any sun this week? The Met Office explains

Following a stormy first half of the week, could Yorkshire turn it around with some sun?

A sunny day at Roundhay Park. (Pic credit: Tony Johnson)

Yorkshire was hit with harsh weather and it looks like we can literally look on the bright side for the rest of the week - as Yorkshire is set to see some sunny spells across the rest of the week.


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According to the Met Office, throughout the day, any lingering rain along the North Sea coast will soon be clearing and leaving us with a bright and chilly start to the day.

It will remain fine and dry, with some bright or sunny spells during the afternoon; the windy weather will ease gradually throughout the day and the maximum temperature will be 15C.

In the evening, the region will be dry with clear spells and will turn cloudier from the west overnight with some outbreaks of light rain and drizzle, mainly on the hills.

It will be a milder night than Tuesday night with a minimum temperature of 10C.


It will be quite cloudy with some light rain and occasional drizzle, again, mainly on the hilly areas.

In other places across Yorkshire, it will be largely dry with sunny spells, particularly in the east.

It will be breezy with warmer temperatures and a maximum temperature of 20C.

Friday to Sunday

Both Friday and Saturday will be dry with some sunny spells, once remaining mist and fog patches have cleared.

It will then brighten up after a rather cloudy and damp start on Sunday.

What the UK can expect for next week

The Met Office predicts a band of cloud and increasingly patchy rain will push southeast through the weekend.

Ahead of this, areas of mist and fog will most likely be mild to clear, whilst clearer weather will spread into parts of Scotland and Northern Ireland.

“Dry conditions are likely to then dominate for much of the UK for the rest of the period, with only occasional spells of rain likely in the north and west at times,” the Met Office said.

“Fog will continue to be a feature of the weather with light winds. Temperatures are likely to remain somewhat above normal for the time of year, but with chilly nights at times too.”