York Mosque appealing for board games, jigsaws and toys for Afghan refugees arriving in Wakefield

Refugee Action York charity announced on Twitter that organisers at York Mosque are collecting ‘high quality’ items for Afghan refugees who recently arrived in Wakefield.

Wakefield city centre. (Pic credit: Scott Merrylees)

Since the Taliban takeover, which began on August 16, following the US government’s decision to withdraw their soldiers in May, people in Yorkshire have been donating clothes and items to charities to help Afghan refugees.

On August 26, two explosions at Kabul Airport left at least 85 dead; 72 were Afghan civilians and 13 were US soldiers. Islamic State claimed responsibility. Since the crisis began in Kabul, there has been an outpouring of support from UK charities and residents.

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In the early hours of August 27, Refugee Action York (RAY) posted on Twitter the items York Mosque are appealing for, to help Afghan refugees who recently arrived in Wakefield including: board games, arts and crafts and outdoor exercising equipment.

The items are as follows:

- Board games (non-language dependent)

- Jigsaws

- Art and craft supplies

- Toys you can play with on the floor, such as cars

- Skipping ropes

- Footballs

- Anything else that can be used outdoors for exercising in a small space

While there have been no Afghan refugees residing in York so far, RAY has expressed gratitude to the many people who have shown interest in supporting refugees from Afghanistan.

If anyone has any high quality items they wish to donate to them, visit their address: York Mosque, Bull Lane, York, YO10 3EN.