Alfie Jones insists Hull City staying focused amidst managerial uncertainty

With all the uncertainty around them, Alfie Jones says Hull City just need to focus on their own jobs – which fortunately is something caretaker-coach Andy Dawson is very hot on.

Fortunately, because against all expectations, Dawson will lead the team against at Huddersfield Town on Sunday.

When Shota Arveldaze was sacked on September 30, Dawson's was expected to be a one-game stint, with the club looking to appoint his replacement before Wednesday's game against Wigan Athletic.

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Although that deadline was missed, it seemed owner Acun Ilicali had got his man, posing for photographs and watching the match alongside former Olympiacos coach Pedro Martins, who had been in Hull for talks since the previous evening.

CLARITY: Hull City's Alfie JonesCLARITY: Hull City's Alfie Jones
CLARITY: Hull City's Alfie Jones

But on Thursday evening it was decided Hull could not meet the Portuguese's demands – what the stumbling blocks were, no one has said – and on Friday he followed up Ilicali's confirmation the search was back on with a kind but firm "thanks but no thanks".

So who will be in charge for Birmingham City’s visit is unclear, but what is needed now is not.

"It's part of football so we just have to remain professional," says centre-back Alfie Jones. "We have to focus on our jobs. That's all we can do.

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"We just focus on what we've got to do individually and as a team and stick together. It's a matter of professionalism and focussing on the job."

Those are messages Dawson has been hammering home – and not only in the media.

"He's told us just to stay focused on the tasks in hand," reveals Jones. "It's about small details in football and being professional is part of it."

Victory over Wigan showed what City are capable of and backed up Jones' message, after defeat by Stoke City, to get back to basics.

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"We had plenty more chances (beyond the two goals) and looked the bigger threat going forward so the confidence is high and we just need to keep that going," he stressed.

"I think it's just playing at the right times, especially in different parts of the game. Towards the start of the game you want to put them on the back foot so maybe go longer.

"It's just about managing different parts of the games, especially after goals and before half-time and after half-time to help us be on the front foot and keep them penned in or on the back foot, which ultimately keeps us pushing higher.

"We had time to work on that over the international break (when Arveladze was still coach) and I think it's stemmed from there."