Aldi’s Next Big Thing Channel 4: Fans ‘gutted’ that Yorkshire bakers Mina Said-Allsopp and Alpchan Ural didn’t get picked in episode of Channel 4 series presented by former Countryfile host Anita Rani

The first episode of the new series of Channel 4’s Aldi’s Next Big Thing saw two Yorkshire bakers Mina Said-Allsopp and Alpchan Ural show off their gluten free cakes - here’s what fans thought of their time on the show.

Aldi’s Next Big Thing is presented by Anita Rani and Chris Bavin, who has been on BBC’s The One Show and Eat Well for Less.

The six-part series follows a group of food and drink suppliers who present their products in a variety of category tasks such as dinners and baked goods and new category additions: party, world, and confectionery.

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The managing director of buying at Aldi UK, Julie Ashfield, observes each product presentation and judges them based on various criteria such as price, packaging, shopper demand and the ability to scale up, before narrowing down contestants to just two.

Mina Said-Allsopp showing off her cakes. (Pic credit: Channel 4)Mina Said-Allsopp showing off her cakes. (Pic credit: Channel 4)
Mina Said-Allsopp showing off her cakes. (Pic credit: Channel 4)

The finalists are given four weeks to take on board any feedback and a follow-up home visit is arranged from Anita or Chris, who report their conclusions to Julie. Following a taste test of the improved products, Julie decides the winner of that episode whose products will appear as a Specialbuy in more than 1,000 Aldi stores nationwide.

In the second episode, which aired on Tuesday, April 9, 2024 on Channel 4, two bakers from Leeds, Mina Said-Allsopp and Alpchan Ural competed on the show.

Ms Said-Allsopp owns Leeds-based bakery Wildcraft Bakery, located in Meanwood, and Mr Ural is the operations manager.

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The bakery is 100 per cent gluten-free and due to her history as a mother with undiagnosed autism and ADHD, the neuro-affirmative business employs neurodivergent workers exclusively.

Mina Said-Allsopp and Alpchan Ural's cakes. (Pic credit: Channel 4)Mina Said-Allsopp and Alpchan Ural's cakes. (Pic credit: Channel 4)
Mina Said-Allsopp and Alpchan Ural's cakes. (Pic credit: Channel 4)

Mr Ural and Ms Said-Allsopp presented their gluten-free and vegan, Hedgerow Whoopie Pie to the judges, which are flavoured with wild spices, rosewater buttercream and wild spiced rose petal jam as the filling.

Unfortunately, they did not reach the final stage and it appears fans were very disappointed.

Fans react to appearance of Yorkshire bakers on Channel 4’s Aldi’s Next Big Thing

Mina Said-Allsopp and Alpchan Ural on Aldi's Next Big Thing. (Pic credit: Channel 4)Mina Said-Allsopp and Alpchan Ural on Aldi's Next Big Thing. (Pic credit: Channel 4)
Mina Said-Allsopp and Alpchan Ural on Aldi's Next Big Thing. (Pic credit: Channel 4)

“I’m a tad confused. The 2 selected neither could deliver the volume. But equally thank you for shining a light on the importance of allergen awareness and neurodivergence. Amazing job.” - Sarah Wright

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“So gutted, it would have been amazing to have a bakery item without the 14 allergens like yours available in a supermarket like ALDI. Well done to everyone for getting as far as you did! You came across so well. I'm sure the perfect opportunity for you is just around the corner.” - Emily Cochrane

“You were fantastic, such a shame they didn't choose you!” - Joanna Dove

“Was so gutted for you, maybe a more mainstream flavour and they might have went for it.. They looked stunning and I’m definitely going to order online.” - Gillian Core Scott

“They should have chosen your product, you are all ready to go on a scale needed for Aldi. You've put your excellent gluten free bakery out to a wide audience.” - Sara Pickett

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“It was a great presentation, you did so well! Shame on Aldi not wanting and inclusive product as their range is quite limited for GF items. I'm sure their decision is purely commercial and not a reflection of your product. In any case, well done for being selected, you did really well and brought visibility to this type of diet! You're a winner in my book!” - Silvia Dall'Onder

“Your pitch was excellent xxx you came over very confident and professional. Well done.” - Maggie Ramsey

“Missed a BIG trick there Aldi. You were awesome Mina.” - Bethan Louise Deakin

“I'm really disappointed Mina that they did not choose your store. Aldi has so few Gluten Free or vegan products.” - Jean Wright

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“Well done Mina, it's definitely a missed opportunity by Aldi.” - Julie Barrow

“So gutted but thank you for shining the light on gluten free.” - Kimberley Ashworth

“Gutted you didn’t get through, Aldi have seriously missed out on your products. Your decorated doughnuts are heavenly.” - Rachael Rodgers

“Oh no, gutted you didn't get it but so proud of you for pushing yourself out there. I'm sure that there will be someone watching tonight who will snap you up as your products are amazing.” - Renata Mu

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“Great to see you got positive feedback on the show.” - Julie Johns

“You should have got through.” - Louise Barlow

“Sorry you didn’t get chosen but hopefully a wider audience will bring you plenty of orders. Good publicity and many people with allergies will be over the moon to find you. Good luck.” - Christine Bell

“So proud of you Mina! I thought you had it!!” - Christine Griffiths

“Ordered for the end of the month as a treat.” - Olivia Ramage

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“SO gutted for you xx but pleased you've gotten some exposure from the programme.” - Linda Croal

“Whatever happens Mina, it was a great presentation. You came across so well. We'll done.” - Baron Bonfirehead

“Aww Mina I’m gutted for you. Well done though it showed how good free from products are and really highlighted your business.” - Kirsty Waller

“In love with your spice rack...where is it from please.” - Suzanne Perkins

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“You definitely deserved a place in the final! Aldi should have recognised the great demand for good quality free-from bakery products.” - Claire Gooddy

“I am so gutted for you but hopefully this will only bring good things to you please remember what i said a while ago about getting yourself on tiktok!” - Laura Bakewell

“Oh dear what a shame, I was really hoping you would get through. I will be visiting the bakery next week.” - Dawn Williams

“Brilliant to see you on Tele tonight.” - Katie Grennall

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