LIVE REVIEW: Katy Perry brings colourful cavalcade to town as she roars into Sheffield Arena

Inflatable eyeballs, dancing flamingoes, strutting sharks and puppets - welcome then to the crazy and colourful world of US superstar Katy Perry.

Katy Perry brought her tour to Sheffield Arena.
Katy Perry brought her tour to Sheffield Arena.

The singing sensation jetted into Sheffield for one night only last night - and brought to town one of the most colourful, eye-catching stage shows the Arena has probably ever seen.

This was a true descent into the weird and wonderful, a spectacle for the eyes, but all the time soundtracked by an array of fantastic stomping pop-dance hits.

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You want costume changes aplenty? Check.

You want extravagant stage props? Check.

You want a superb lighting show and young fans screaming for more? Check.

Right from the off, this sell-out show was never going to be anything other than a trip into the extraordinary, bearing in mind the infamous 'left shark' routine of years gone by.

But Perry, touring the world in support of 2017 album Witness, has the songs and vocal capabilities to soar above the theatrics and pantomime unfolding around her on stage, coming equipped as she does with the full catalogue of bouncy pop classics.

So a glittered up and sparkly audience are treated to the likes of Dark Horse and Chained To The Rhythm while older favourites such as Hot 'n' Cold and of course, I Kissed A Girl are received with rapturous and raucous cheers.

The whole show is divided into five distinct sets, with costume changes and set swapping aplenty in between each segment - but the focus remains slick and professional as Katy eases from one charade to another.

There's times the whole thing feels like it could get swept away in the whole bonkers-ness of it all but the 33-year-old always manages to rein things back in with another much-loved singalong anthem.

A spine-tingling finale of Roar and euphoric closing of Firework send the young audience off into the Sheffield sunset with a smile on their faces, a song in their hearts and in some cases - a large inflatable eyeball in their hands.

Katy kissed Sheffield with her colour and craziness - and we liked it.