Our Yorkshire Farm: Watch as Amanda Owen and her family welcome a new addition to the farm

In the new episode of Our Yorkshire Farm on Channel 5, Amanda Owen’s daughter receives a big surprise from her father Clive and their son starts to save for his dream of owning a farming business.

Amanda Owen on her farm in Ravenseat. (Pic credit: James Hardisty)

Warning: This article contains spoilers.

In this latest episode of Our Yorkshire Farm on November 2 at 9pm on Channel 5, we follow the Owen family enjoy the return of summer in June while they clear their meadows.

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Amanda and Clive’s 17-year-old son Reuben has repaired and traded second-hand machinery from an early age and Sidney observes how to flip a used trail bike. Reuben has been saving money to one day buy a digger and set up a digging business in the next few weeks.

Meanwhile, Clive surprises his 12-year-old daughter Edith with a new sheepdog puppy who will arrive in their farm in a few day’s time.

Edith’s siblings are at school and Amanda and Clive are encouraging Nancy to fine tune her writing skills, and they are also challenging her to record the spring lambs they are vaccinating. To help further Nancy’s pre-school education, her 20-year-old sister Raven encourages her to paint a name sign for Tony the Pony’s stable.

As the weather picks up, the kids play outside after they get back from school where Tony is relocated, making room for Edith’s new arrival. Their 14-year-old Miles is keeping busy whilst waiting for their new puppy by reseeding a lawn and 10-year-old Violet and her younger sisters make a scarecrow to spare the grass seeds from Ravenseat’s many feathered animals.

Clive decides to invest in Reuben’s ambitious digger business and has agreed to help top up their joint savings. They both travel out across the moors towing an ancient baler they plan on trading for scrap. However, disaster strikes as a perished tyre bursts, leaving them abandoned and in need of help.

Back on the farm, Sidney and Violet set up their own business selling rams’ horns to tourists, while trading out of the woodshed.

The whole family plans a surprise party for Violet’s 11th birthday.