Our Yorkshire Farm: Watch as Amanda Owen and her family work hard on the farm during one of the hottest Julys on record

In the latest episode of Our Yorkshire Farm on Channel 5, Amanda Owen and her family work through the hottest July the UK has seen, whilst trying to break a harvesting record, and Reuben takes his first steps to building his ambitious digging business.

Amanda Owen pictured with some of her children on the farm at Keld. From the left are Clemmie, Anis, Violet, Edith and Nancy. (Pic credit: Simon Hulme)

Warning: This article contains spoilers.

The latest episode will air on November 9 at 9pm on Channel 5 and will show Amanda and Clive Owen navigate their family through a sweltering month.

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Amanda and Clive’s 17-year-old son, Reuben, has taken time off to help his parents with their most challenging job of hay timing. Aside from assisting them, he has plans of his own to start a digging business with his dad and after he bought a second-hand digger using his life savings, he is bringing the eight tonne piece of kit home.

Keen to try out his new machinery, Reuben gets to work rerouting the farm’s river, which is threatening to flood precious hay fields.

It is forecast to be one of the hottest Julys on record, so with the weather looking good, the whole family work together and Clive feels sure that they can harvest all 100 acres of hay in record time.

While Amanda and Clive are hard at work, Reuben is looking after his three youngest sisters who are pulling their weight. Armed with rakes, Reuben tasks eight-year-old Anna, six-year-old Clemmie and four-year-old Nancy to turn a hay field by hand but the girls become distracted and make mischief on the farm’s riverbank.

Every summer the family must also shear their thousands of flock, so Amanda and Clive request the help of 15-year-old Miles and Edith, who has just turned 13. Meanwhile, back in the farmhouse, 20-year-old Raven, Violet and the three youngest girls are baking a birthday treat for Edith while she’s out working on the hills.

Following a long day in the clipping shed, Amanda takes her children for a swim in one of the family’s swimming holes where they reflect on their successful summer.