Italian is the most popular cuisine in Yorkshire according to an analysis of more than 10 million restaurant reviews

Following an analysis conducted by Just Eat, the most preferred cuisine in Yorkshire and the Humber is Italian.

The decision-making process of ordering a takeaway regularly divides opinion, with debates sparking nearly every day as households fail to come to an agreement on which delicious treat they should indulge in.

Just Eat has conducted an analysis of more than 10 million restaurant reviews across the UK and each gastronomy was awarded a popularity score out of 100 based on the positive sentiments surrounding each food genre, ultimately revealing the most popular cuisine across the country.

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Just Eat’s analysis confirmed that Italian cuisine is the most popular across Yorkshire and the Humber, with positive comments surrounding the Mediterranean delights contributing to a popularity score of 69.35 out of 100 across the region.

Polpette and spaghetti. (Pic credit: Bruce Rollinson)

However, the most popular dish in Yorkshire is chips. Paired with gravy or cheese, the positive commentary surrounding chips has resulted in a popularity score of 83.26 out of 100 - proving that 53 per cent more popular than British classic, beans on toast (54.43 out of 100).

Locals from Leeds are shown to prefer Indian cuisine, with curry also being crowned the most favoured dish across the district. However, Italian dishes such as spaghetti are just 0.3 per cent less popular than curry across Leeds, with an overall score of 99.70 out of 100, contributing to the popularity of Italian cuisine across the region.

In Sheffield, Mexican food is the most popular with a score of 83.75 out of 100 - 13 per cent more than Japanese cuisine, which finishes in second place (73.75 out of 100). Despite Italian cuisine being the third most popular of the district (70.15 out of 100), pasta is the most loved dish. With a popularity score of 95.60 out of 100, the Italian delight beats British classics such as bangers and mash by more than five per cent.

Italian cuisine has also been announced as the most favoured choice in York with a score of 80.38 out of 100. Following behind in second place is fast food (78.90 out of 100).

Despite British cuisine placing fourth in York, fish and chips is the preferred dish with a score of 99.40 out of 100 - seven per cent more popular than beans on toast (92.50 out of 100).