Best flowers and plants to grow in February and March that will brighten up your garden - from primroses to daffodils

Gardening is often associated with being a summer time job, but according to experts, there are many flowers and plants that bloom in February and March.

You don’t have to wait for the beginning of spring, which starts on Sunday, March 20 this year, to grow your favourite bright flowers and plants.

Experts from Garden Buildings Direct have put together a list of the early bloomers in the gardening stakes, which will ensure you have a colourful garden display before the start of spring.

A spokesperson for Garden Buildings Direct said: “An abundance of colour in the garden does not have to be limited to the warmer months of the year.

These are the best flowers that bloom in February and March. (Pic credit: Damien Meyer / AFP via Getty Images)

“Snowdrops and daffodils are well known for flowering when it is colder and we often see them on country walks in the winter. But there are also others which you can invest in within your garden or outdoor space to provide a truly colourful welcome in February and March.”

These are just six options to help you choose which plants or flowers you wish to grow in your garden.


The clue is often in the name and there is a hint in the name of one species of daffodil called February Gold.

Another early bloomer of this plant is called Rijnveld’s Early Sensation - both of these species can help to brighten up your garden.


With its vibrant colours of orange, purple and white, your garden cannot be beat with this multicoloured flower.

There are plenty of varieties and species to choose from which can warm up your garden hues in preparation for spring time.

Cyclamen coum

This perennial flower can be grown as early as January in the optimal conditions and will bloom fully in February.

You can choose from displays of white, pink and purple blooms and these plants will thrive early in the year if grown in the right conditions.


These flowers bloom in March and you can enjoy its colours of pink, yellow, purple and white.

It is a perennial and species include primula denticular, with many more to choose from.

Sweet violet

This plant is also known as viola odorata and it flowers in colours of blue, pink and purple.

On top of producing a colourful display, it also has a unique scent for outdoor lovers to enjoy.

Lenten rose

Gardeners say that this plant will appear out of the snow when it is ready to flower.

It comes in pink, purple and white colours, which can appear in the late winter and early spring and also has dark green leaves.