How solar panels with battery storage can help combat soaring energy bills

Are you thinking about solar battery storage? Here is why you should even in winter, says John Gilham, Group Technical Director at Green Building RenewablesThe sun may seem like a distant memory but it’s never too late in the year to consider harnessing solar energy for your home and most installations can easily be done in a day with minimum disruption.

Why invest in solar now? In September 2022, the government announced the Energy Price Guarantee scheme in response to the continued rise in the price of energy. Initially, this guaranteed that a typical household would pay an average of £2,500 a year for their energy bills through to 2024.

However, on October 17, 2022, the government announced that the Energy Price Guarantee scheme would only run until March 31,2023. So, from April 1 2023, we will enter uncharted territory concerning energy costs. It is clear prices are not going to return to what they were.

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This means that if you are thinking about alternative energy sources and wondering when you will get your return on your solar panel investment. The simple answer is “a lot sooner than previously”.

Solar PV panels generate electricity that can also be stored in a batterySolar PV panels generate electricity that can also be stored in a battery
Solar PV panels generate electricity that can also be stored in a battery

It is worth noting that while energy prices rise, there are also inflationary pressures on products, goods, and services. So, the ideal time to invest in solar panel installation is as soon as possible.

What are the benefits of solar battery storage? Solar battery storage has several key benefits including energy independence with less reliance on the national grid. You will save more money on your energy bills as by using stored solar energy when the sun is not shining, you won’t draw as much energy from your supplier.

How much money would you save by installing solar panels? Based on our latest calculations, a property with a 27 sq. m roof area with a system size of 4.38kW would generate estimated savings of £805 a year.

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Installation costs are estimated at £6,400. The same system installation with battery storage would save an estimated £1,342 per year, and cost £11,450. VAT is currently zero.

Can I add a battery to an existing solar panel installation? You may already have solar panels on your home and be exporting energy back to the grid but you can add a battery to an existing installation. You would need a survey to review your current setup. But, in principle, yes, batteries can be added to an existing solar array.

Do you need a solar panel system in order to benefit from fitting battery storage? No. You can still benefit from fitting a battery system without even having solar panels.

A storage battery can be programmed to draw from the grid during cheaper rate off peak hours, which you can then use this during the more expensive peak hours. Although the rate of return is slower, this option is useful if your property is not suitable for solar.

John Gilham, Group Technical Director at Green Building Renewables, Dunnington, near York, an Efficient Building Solutions business.

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