Boy of 6 taken out of school for wearing Christian band

A FATHER has has accused a school of discriminating against Christians after his son had a religious band confiscated by teachers.

Peter Thompson said he would not send his son Eddie, six, back to Estfeld Primary in Tickhill, near Doncaster, until the situation is resolved over the band, which carries a “religiously symbolic” image of a fish.

He has made a series of complaints and is demanding an apology after the youngster was told he could not wear the band.

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Mr Thompson, of Beech Avenue, Tickhill, says his son had been wearing it around his ankle, concealed under his sock, for six months.

“I couldn’t believe it when Eddie told me what had happened. He was so upset,” Mr Thompson said.

“He wears the band because he wants to feel that God is always with him.

“He has had it on for the past six months and makes sure it covered by his sock, so it’s not on display or posing any kind of risk.

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“I think they’re discriminating against him because he’s a Christian. This is a symbol of his faith.”

Headteacher Diane Risley, said: “At Tickhill Estfeld School the safety and well-being of all pupils is taken extremely seriously and the school has a clear uniform policy in place to help families understand what pupils can and cannot wear while at school.

“While we do not comment on individual cases, any parent who has concerns is entitled to raise these with us directly.”

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