Budgerigar breeder's plea after attack

A BUDGERIGAR breeder launched a fresh appeal for information yesterday after his champion bird was killed in a suspected sabotage attack by a rival.

Andrew Pooley, 58, returned home on August 20 to discover that two of his prize birds, including Penmead Pride, had been killed and 21 others, worth 2,000, stolen.

The theft and destruction of the prize-winning budgies took place the night before the Cornwall Budgerigar Show – where Penmead Pride was crowned champion last year – leading to suspicion it may have been carried out by a rival.

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Mr Pooley, from Delabole in Cornwall, spoke yesterday about the agony of finding his champion budgie dead.

He also announced he would offer a reward of around 200

for information leading to the birds' safe return or to the

arrest and conviction of the thieves.

Mr Pooley, who is being helped by former Thames Valley Police detective John Hayward, said: "I just couldn't believe that somebody had killed that bird – it's like losing one of my children."