Murder accused Gary Allen tells court he scrapped car he picked Samantha Class up in just days after her body was found because he owed friend money

A man accused of the murder of a Hull woman told a court he scrapped the car he picked her up in just two days after her body was discovered because he owed his friend money.

Gary Allen, 47, is on trial at Sheffield Crown Court for the murder of sex workers Samantha Class, 29, in Hull in October 1997 and Alena Grlakova, 38, in Rotherham on Boxing Day 2018.

Allen, of no fixed address, is accused of stamping on Ms Class, before strangling her with a ligature, running her over with a car and then dumping her body in the River Humber on October 26, 1997.

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Starting his defence at Sheffield Crown Court on Tuesday, Allen said he had nothing to do with the death of Ms Class.

Samantha Class.

When asked by defence barrister Katherine Goddard why he sold his car on the Tuesday after his encounter with Ms Class on the Saturday evening, Allen said he owed his housemate money for a phone bill.

He said: "He was on at me for money. I said I would sell the car and when I got my wages I could give him some more."

Ms Goddard asked: "Why did you sell the car to Williamson's of Hessle?"

Allen replied: "I can only take a guess that it was because when they get it they strip it apart and give you money for parts."

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"They gave me £25 for it," Allen said. "I needed to give him (housemate) the money."

"Was it the kliing of Samantha Class that prompted you to sell your car?" Ms Goddard asked.

"No, of course not," Allen replied.

Allen admitted having sex with Ms Class after he had been out drinking with a friend in Hull, but said she had got out of his car angry after a condom they had used split

"Did you kill Samantha Class?" Ms Goddard asked.

"No, of course not," Allen replied.

"Did you strangle her?"



When asked why he didn't call police and tell him of his encounter with Ms Class the night before her body was found, Allen said: "I was embarrassed and ashamed. I had just had sex with a woman and paid for it and I had never done that before.

"I assumed people would put two and two together and come up with five.

"I thought I would come across as a low life and thought 'sod it, I'll just keep my mouth shut'.

Allen is currently on trial for the murder of Ms Class and for the murder of Alena Grlakova, 38, in Rotherham on Boxing Day 2018.

He denies both counts of murder.

The trial continues.