Prolific Yorkshire burglar who rapped about his criminal exploits on social media is jailed

A prolific Leeds burglar who showed "utter disdain" for his victims by rapping about his crimes on social media has been jailed for three years.

Dylan McEwan, 19, was involved in burglaries at two homes in Leeds during which four cars were stolen, as well as Christmas presents.

The burglaries took place in Pudsey and Bramley in the early hours of December 20, 2021.

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McEwan and his two accomplices - both under the age of 18 - were arrested following a police chase involving two of the stolen cars.

Dylan McEwanDylan McEwan
Dylan McEwan

All three were charged and subsequently pleaded guilty at court this week.

A video posted on McEwan’s social media in October showed him driving a car and rapping about his criminal activities.

Styling himself ‘MC McEwan’, his lyrics included, “I creep through your yard, getting paid out for your brand-new cars” and “Spend half your time sitting behind bars”.

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The clip was submitted to the court as part of the case file.

McEwan, of Barncroft Drive, Seacroft, was sentenced to three years custody.

The two youths were each given community rehabilitation orders.

Detective Inspector Vicky Vessey, of Leeds District Crime Team, said: “McEwan is a prolific burglar whose offending has brought misery to his victims who have had to suffer the indignity of having their homes invaded and their property stolen.

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“The two burglaries he has been convicted of took place just days before Christmas when this type of crime is always more acutely felt by those who experience it.

“The utter disdain he has for the people he targets to steal from is abundantly clear from the lyrics in his social media post.”