Here's how you can find a limited edition golden poppy for Remembrance

The Royal British Legion has released a limited number of 'golden' poppies this year.

The tributes are already available in shops and from the charity's street poppy sellers.

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Hull lorry driver's Poppy Truck looking for sponsors to keep it on the roadAround one in six poppies produced by volunteers this year will be a golden poppy - meaning they have the dates '1918-2018' printed in gold on the leaf attached to the stem in commemoration of the end of World War One 100 years ago.

GP Taylor: White poppies? Sorry snowflakes, I'm proud to wear a red oneThe gold leaf poppy isn't the only rare version you can find.

Around 40,000 'khadi' poppies have been made from Indian linen rather than paper to honour Indian Army soldiers who fought for Britain.